Samarth Keerthivasan’s Story: Teens Tutor Teens

Teens Tutor Teens
3 min readJul 17, 2023


Life is full of surprises, and sometimes it is the unexpected events that lead us to our most outstanding achievements. The Covid 19 pandemic was a surprise to the world, growing quickly and affecting countless communities. During the peak of the pandemic, I found myself eager to make a positive impact on my community during a particularly challenging period of time, but was unsure where to begin. As I considered the ways how I could make a difference, I realized that my strength in academics, especially at a time when school conditions were incredibly different from the norm, could be extremely beneficial. With this realization, I set out to find a way in which I could utilize those strengths to benefit my local community. Then, I found Teens Tutor Teens, and I instantly connected with its mission. I saw this as an opportunity for me to tutor students online and make the difference that I desired to, but I could have never foreseen the plethora of benefits the organization would bestow upon me.

When I first joined Teens Tutor Teens, I was the president and founder of the Connecticut Chapter of TTT. It was through this position that I really discovered what a non-profit was like, and where I developed countless new skills and strengths that would not only help me as a member of TTT, but throughout the rest of my life. I eagerly began to work towards my own aspirations, recruiting another 5 members to join the CT Chapter, and tutoring 6 students weekly in a variety of subjects. As president, I communicated with many people from across the country, helping me improve my communication skills, and learn how important and unique each part of an organization is. While working as a member of the CT Chapter, I began to develop a new strength — organization — something that would not only help with my future in TTT, but also with my career goals.

Through my dedication and hard work as a member of the CT Chapter, I earned recognition from the past executives of the organization, which ultimately led to my selection as a participant in the Survivor competition and the reward of 2 hidden immunity idols, a unique token for the competition. Although I almost lost my chance to join the executive board by misreading the directions on the final assignment of the competition, I was ultimately appointed as the new COO of TTT. My commitment to TTT and its mission allowed me to rise through the ranks and take on a leadership role where I could make an even greater impact, transforming my goal from that of a local one to a national one.

As I transitioned from the president of the CT chapter to COO of Teens Tutor Teens, I found myself in the ideal position. As the COO, I set up an outline for a Google Classroom for each chapter, reviewed the company’s bylaws, performed check-ins with many members across the chapters, and worked with the rest of the board to organize national meetings. All of my responsibilities as COO complimented my strengths — communication, and organization, making it the perfect fit. After a year on the executive board, I transitioned from being the COO to the new CAO of TTT, where I made my most monumental strides in the company. As CAO, I helped lead the establishment of a new chapter in the company, and played a smaller role in the establishment of another one, increasing the company’s outreach. My most significant accomplishment as CAO, and as a member of the organization, was my involvement in getting Teens Tutor Teens a private event through TEDx in the summer of 2023.

As my time at Teens Tutor Teens comes to an end, I take great pride in the impact I’ve had at both local and national levels. Despite most interactions occurring through a computer screen, the connections I’ve formed and the lasting impact I’ve made are invaluable. I look forward to watching the organization’s continued growth and inspiration for societal change. My involvement with Teens Tutor Teens has genuinely been a pleasure, and I will forever cherish the effect that it has had on me. Thank you.