Teens Tutor Teens
2 min readMay 14, 2021

Panav Vashishat, Community Outreach Coordinate of Teens Tutor Teens California

As a kid I had always found tutoring to be an interesting hobby. The idea of talking to and teaching students different subjects had always interested me, and I had gotten this interest from tutoring classmates in school whenever they were stuck on a math concept and were too scared to raise their hand to ask the teacher. This interest however started fading away when I came to
the thought that I couldn’t be a tutor unless I was over 18. Forgetting about being a tutor for an organization, I went on with my life helping classmates with math whenever they needed it.

Then came upon Teens Tutor Teens, as if it was some sort of gold opportunity that came out of nowhere.

Finding out about this company, I had faith in it. The idea of teens at a similar age point tutoring other teens in similar topics was brilliant, and was definitely better than watching random YouTube videos about a math concept you couldn’t understand at the last minute (though those can be very useful).

After joining t³ and initially becoming a tutor, I was able to transfer those math concepts into worksheets that students could use, knowing that the work I spent my time on creating would at some point benefit a student that couldn’t understand how to change a quadratic from vertex form to standard form. After tutoring and being part of this company for a while now, I now
know how it is able to work so well. Now understanding what exactly TeensTutorTeens is and how this startup was initially created, I hope to go forward and benefit it in my own way.