Meghna Raman’s Story: Teens Tutor Teens

Teens Tutor Teens
2 min readMay 13, 2021

Previous CFO of Teens Tutor Teens and in this company since 2019–2021

“Leadership consists of picking good men and helping them do their best.”

— Chester W. Nimitz

As a young high school student looking to get involved in an extracurricular, I was not sure what to invest my time in. I had volunteered before, doing food drives and recycling our school’s paper, but I wanted to do more than volunteer. Then, I saw an advertisement for a local organization, Teens Tutor Teens. I would be able to tutor underprivileged students online and get hours for it. It seemed easy enough, so I signed up not knowing all the benefits that would come out of my work at Teens Tutor Teens. For starters, I was able to make 30 AP AB Calculus worksheets. And through this process, I would earn 100 hours and the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Additionally, I gained a leadership position within the company, Head of Teens Tutor Teens. Only by taking a chance on a girl, was I able to grow within Teens Tutor Teens. Soon, I was helping organize a COVID-19 fundraiser. I was marketing to tutors using our platform. I was organizing monthly meetings to improve communication. I was leading a charge that started within me. By my senior year of high school, I had worked my way up to becoming the CFO of Teens Tutor Teens. At first, I just wanted to earn community service hours. By the end, I realized that I wanted to be a businesswoman. Teens Tutor Teens fostered my hunger for building an organization from the ground up. As I grew, so did my company. And it was because I was picked out of a crowd of thousands of other soldiers and given the resources to do my best and win the war.